About Us

Jeff Karnatz


Owner and farmer of WVLF. Jeff transplanted from Phoenix, AZ to Raymond, WA in 2016 to start this next journey of life. With his sister Kim and brother in-law Luke they started WVLF so they could have a family-run business. Jeff lives full time in Raymond and has been welcomed with open arms by the community.

Kim Avery


Owner and merchandiser of WVLF. Kim transplanted her family from Flagstaff, AZ to Raymond in 2017 to start a family business with her brother Jeff. With the farm in its early days, Kim moves back to Flagstaff for the winter and comes back to the farm for the spring and summer or markets and harvest. 

Paul Stazel


Grower and farmer of WVLF. Paul has an extensive background in plants and education and is joining the farm from Seattle, WA. Paul will be at the farm full time starting this summer to help his partner Jeff with the daily operation of the farm life.