Events at the Farm

Willapa Valley Music Festival

Here at Willapa Valley Lavender Farm we value music and art in all its forms. We

decided to take what would typically be a lavender festival and step it up a notch with a large-scale music festival. In this way we feed both our passions of lavender and arts

while at the same time bringing our community together. Our festival employs a variety of local food and craft vendors as well as an incredible line-up of local musicians. Our event is totally free and people and families from all walks of life are welcome and celebrated. Come check it out!


We knew from the get-go that we wanted our farm to be a place where people come

together and make beautiful memories. With that in mind, we designed our fields in a

way that left an opening of a perfect circle right in the center of our four original lavender fields. This space is surrounded by lavender and comfortably seats 150 people. Contact us if you are interested in having your wedding with us.

Picnics and Field Trips

Our farm is located conveniently along Highway 6 and the Willapa Trail. Trail walkers,

cyclists and adventurers are always welcome to stop by for a quick rest, farm tour

and/or picnic lunch. Send us a quick message and come on by!

In partnership with the Willapa Valley School District we are in the process of developing a school program that serves the local 7 th and 8 th grade students. In this program, students learn about our farm and its history as well as the education and skills necessary for starting a business in a rural community. Designing new plots, propagating, irrigation, maintenance, soil testing and mixing, harvesting, plant health and disease, and troubleshooting are just a few of the valuable skills that these young

students are learning. “Valley” takes great pride in having their own row of propagated,

planted and harvested plants. These plants will soon be sold at the yearly FFA plant

sale to help raise money for school programs.